2645.Family Guy “Peter Father Knows Nothing” Boxers

3036.The Grinch and Max • Boxer Briefs

3026.Coke Drink Coco Cola Boxers

3004. The Grinch *Big Face Plaid* Glow in the Dark Boxers w/Gift Bag

2988.Budweiser Red Boxers with Shot Glass

2966.MTV “Bevis & Butthead” Boxers

2951.Superman ‘Man of Steel’ Briefs

Made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex, these royal blue briefs for men feature Superman’s stylized “S” Shield Symbol in the distinctive Superman red, blue and yellow colors.

2909.Batman Black Boxer in Collector’s Case

2907.Batman Black Boxers with Gift Bag

2409.Batman Boxers with Gold Waist Band

2885.Superman “Daily Planet” Boxers with Gift Bag

2665.Family Guy • Stewie “I Don’t Do Nice” Boxers

2654. Sesame Street • Cookie Monster •”Eat Cookies Boxers with Gift Bag


2645.Family Guy “Peter Father Knows Nothing” Boxers

2636.Superman Button Fly Boxers with a Gift Bag

Soft knit Superman boxer shorts with an elastic waistband and a button fly.
They are perfect for everyday wear!

2628.Superman Heavy Cotton Boxers


2618. Flash Briefs

2554.Coke Red Boxers with Gift Bag

2238.Star Wars *Darth Vader* Boxer Briefs

2226.Sriracha *Hot Sauce* Boxer Briefs in Gift Bag

2209.Elf *The Movie* Boxers in a Collector’s Maple Bottle Coin Bank

2190.Despicable Me *The Movie* Boxers in Gift Canister

2179.Avengers Boxers in Collector’s Tin

2162.Atari T*Shirt

2155.The Who Boxers

2141.Star Wars *Darth Vader* Pullover

2129.Star Wars *Chewie* Pullover

2127.Black Panther Hoodie (Mad Engine Black)

2106.Kiss Boxer Style 2

2105.Kiss Boxers (Style 1)

2085.Marvel Avenger 2pc Women • Tank Top & Hipster Sleepwear

Last Ones!



2006.Sriracha Spicy Red Boxers *(In Collector Bank Bottle)*